Healthy Diet Guidelines

Guide to a Healthier You

There are conflicting views on what proper nutrition and a healthy diet should consist of. It seems that one expert will tell you that a certain type of food is really good for you, but then another expert will tell you the exact opposite.

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Following a healthy diet doesn't mean you have to follow strict dietary limitations, stay unrealistically skinny, or deprive yourself of your favorite foods. Instead of concentrating on one nutrient, we need to consume whole foods that are nutritious and not as much processed foods. Foods should be as close to their natural state as much as possible.

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Eating right can help you to maintain a healthy body weight and avoid certain health risks, but your diet can also affect your mood and state of mind. That's why it is so important to follow the guidelines for a healthy diet.

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Nutrition is used by the body to utilize the foods we eat. We must eat the correct amount and the recommended variety of foods daily so our body can use those nutrients to supply energy, repair and rebuild new tissues, eliminate waste, and give us a sense of well-being.

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